Credit Where Credit is Due

The support you give on Patreon has created a foundation that has kept Angelarium alive and well for the past two years and I want to reward that better. In addition to working to improve transparency and reward delivery I wanted to add something extra.

Starting with the Leliel, Angel of Night and moving forwards, I'll be adding a special credit to everyone who pledges at the $10 or higher tiers. At that level of support, you've gone so far above and beyond what I could hope for, that I feel you deserve something extra beyond the downloadable rewards that are currently due.

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Playmat Rotation Incoming

With many new pieces and some older ones getting a lot of requests recently, I'm planning on rotating out most or all of the current playmat designs in favor of new ones. If there is a playmat that you've had your eye on, now's the time before they vanish into the vault.

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Site Redesign and Store Launch

Vandal High has been my personal art website since around 2004. Despite moving it over to Squarespace a couple years ago, I haven't done much with it. Most of its life has been as a portfolio site to showcase a small curated collection of work samples. As of right now, I'm changing it into an archive of older work and a store for new products.

Up until the past few days many of my older Magic pieces were never seen larger than about an inch high. I've fixed that by uploading every single piece I've ever done along with some notes about the art and concept art for pieces I designed. You can now see them in chronological order in their own section of the site.

This process has allowed me to finally create listings for many of the Magic prints and cards that I've been hiding around the studio. I've also started the process of migrating the Angelarium branded Magic accessories over to a place where they can be featured more prominently. Despite not working on Magic anymore, I'm still making lots of stuff for MtG fans.

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