Credit Where Credit is Due

The support you give on Patreon has created a foundation that has kept Angelarium alive and well for the past two years and I want to reward that better. In addition to working to improve transparency and reward delivery I wanted to add something extra.

Starting with the Leliel, Angel of Night and moving forwards, I'll be adding a special credit to everyone who pledges at the $10 or higher tiers. At that level of support, you've gone so far above and beyond what I could hope for, that I feel you deserve something extra beyond the downloadable rewards that are currently due.

The names of the people who helped support each piece will be added right along side the artwork on the project's official website  as well as on it's entry on Deviantart.

If you want to help support Angelarium, you can do so via Patreon here:

Thanks everyone, I couldn't do this without you.