I'm looking for dedicated artists who want to better themselves and their craft. Mentorship goes beyond instruction. Rather than simply answer your questions, I will help you ask the right questions.

Together, we can make your art career more successful.

"For as cliche as it sounds, Pete was a breath of fresh air. He was tough, warm, personable, experienced, and most importantly: open-minded. Having already tackled the hurdles of self tutelage he was able to quickly point out and address areas I was struggling, including some pitfalls I was completely unaware of.

-Paul Reinwand"

"I did take two months mentoring from Peter and i got what i asked. He scraped rust from my process, made me lose few parts that was just extra weight and really work on polishing what was important for my goals. Highly recommended!"

-Jarkko Kinnunen

Status: OPEN


  • Evaluate your work - We'll spend time looking through you work to date and talk honestly about where you are in your development.

  • Set Goals - We will discuss and set creative and professional goals. This is possibly the most important part of the process. You will be spending all of your time during the program working towards these goals.

  • Weekly Critique - Every week, we will have a weekly discussion about your work where I will provide focused critique along with paint-overs or redlines.

  • Live Demonstration - I will be available to provide demonstrations during our weekly meetings and provide insight into the tools of the trade.

  • Increase Exposure - I’ll help you craft an effective online presence that will increase your exposure and allow you to network more effectively.



$600 per month
I'm offering a money back guarantee for the first month's fee. No questions asked.



How to Apply

1. Send your application to me at:

2. Include answers to the following questions:

  • What are your goals as an artist?

  • What do you hope to gain from this mentorship?

  • Tell me a funny story. <-----Not actually a question

3. Include a link to where I can see samples of your work.



  • How often will we be in contact?

  • We will schedule a time once a week to meet online for a minimum of an hour and cover you progress, engage in demos and work to better you as an artist. You will also be able to email me any time.


  • How are you going to pick from the applicants?

  • I will choose from applicants that I think will make the most use of the program. I want to work with the only the most dedicated and hard working people. Enthusiasm and an open schedule is a must!


  • How long is the program?

  • It’s as long or as short as you feel you need it. It’s month by month, so you’ll be free to stop it at any time.


  • When does it start?

  • If your application gets accepted, you will start the first week of the following month.