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Peter Mohrbacher is an Independent Artist

Being indie means Pete is closely tied to his ever increasing fanbase. His original series of illustrations and stories has expanded into a quickly growing cult hit in only a few years. That's allowed his Angelarium project to grow and flourish on the Internet without the need for publishers.

Angelarium may not be at your local comic shop, but millions of people on the Internet are already fans. The art collection's that Pete has created over the past couple of years have repeatedly gone viral on sites like Reddit, 9gag, Imgur, Pintrest and Tumblr, attracting millions of views and pushing over 300,000 unique visitors to the project's website each year.

All Original Art


If you're looking to bring out a guest that brings something beyond the familiar fan art, Pete is a great option. His work is an original blend of influences has created a cross-over hit at every type of convention he's attended over the last 10 years. 


Pete's audience is primarily young adult men who also enjoy anime, Guillermo Del Toro movies and classic video games. While his more affordable items are often collected by this core audience, he also tends to attract more wealthy art collectors in the demographic of women ages 35-44.

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Top 3 Reasons to Book Pete Mohrbacher as a Guest

Pete is an Influencer Among Creators

Since late 2014, he's had a successful web show that speaks directly to other creators. One Fantastic Week is a major resource for people trying to learn about what cons to attend. He's created positive word of mouth for conventions that has dramatically boosted the quality and quantity of creators applying to them.

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Pete Brings Lots of Exclusives

Most of Pete's artwork is not available online. He brings dozens of convention exclusive prints that fans take special attention to chase after. Every convention he attends draws some number of fans attending exclusively to buy his work.


Angelarium has Real Reach

Pete's work regularly goes viral on image sharing sites, getting exposed to tens of millions of fans. This has allowed him to grow a following on par with many of the most popular indie comics. He has direct reach to tens of thousands of them through social media and his mailing list.


Aside from Angelarium, Pete is known for a few other things.

  • Magic: The Gathering - In addition to illustrating over 50 cards, Pete helped design major characters and worlds for Magic as part of their concept team. His work was a regular staple on the booster packs throughout his run on the project. Many of his cards are still a staple of play and his name is known to a huge portion of the active MtG fan base.
  • White Wolf - Pete helped illustrate a number of book lines for White Wolf Publishing before moving in house with them. There he worked on helping to develop their premier Vampire IP, World of Darkness, into an ambitious video game adaptation.
  • Album Covers - Pete's work has graced an increasing number music albums over the years, most notably being the cover of Endless Dreaming by Fallujah. He's actively working with Mr. Suicide Sheep, a YouTube channel with 6.5m subscribers, to create artwork for their releases year round.


  • Panels - The panels Pete has hosted relating to careers in art typically fill to capacity. He'd be happy to participate in up to 2 panels throughout the convention.
  • Promotion - Pete's network reaches out to hundreds of thousands of fans all over the world. He will promote the convention directly to his fan base in advance of the event.
  • Exclusives - Pete would be open to negotiating for artwork made exclusively for your event in addition to the large amount of art that is only available at conventions.
  • Advocacy - Through his broadcasting as well as his private network, Pete has extensive reach within the original art community. He will advocate the merits of your convention within his circle of peers to grow interest in your event for creators.

Requirements for Booking

  • Availability - Pete books very few personal appearances each year.
  • Travel Paid - Pete and an assistant require travel expenses to be paid by the event.
  • Booth - Premium dealer's space at the convention provided by the convention is a must. Pete prefers 10x20 space with a single corner spot off near the front of the room or overlooking the Artist Alley. A double wide Artist Alley space may also be acceptable with considerations for placement.
  • Shipping - A shipping budget must be negotiated for any event more than 6 hours outside the Chicago area.
  • Promotion - The convention should promote Pete's appearance through their media channels leading up to the event.

Booking Angelarium - Not as a Guest

Pete typically does not attend shows unless he's invited as a guest. However, my convention manager Elaine Ryan will be attending many without me. To pass along information about your event without a guest invite, you will have the opportunity to share information with Elaine.


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