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Peter Mohrbacher is an Independent Artist

Being indie means my work is sold directly to my fans and my brand is licensed to publishers. I live and die by the strength of my work.

Being indie also means that I'm not the sort of artist you typically invite to your con. I don't have those credits on things like comic covers for Marvel and DC because, I've built something on my own. My fan base has helped me grow my Angelarium brand outside of the publishing system, supporting it directly through crowdfunding, online sales and convention appearances.

Angelarium may not be at your LCS, but millions of people on the Internet are already fans, including some of your celebrity guests.

All Original Art

I've never sold fan art, not that there is anything wrong with it. Some fans come to cons to see their favorite characters but many come out to discover something they've never seen before. I've filled that roll at many conventions over my fifteen year history with them. That experience has made a large number of original creators look to my recommendation for which shows to attend throughout the year. If you can impress me, I can attract more original work to appear at your show.

Top 3 Reasons to Book me as a Guest

I'm an Influencer Among Creators

Since late 2014, I've had a successful weekly web show that speaks directly to other creators. One Fantastic Week is a major resource for people trying to learn about what cons to attend. I have created positive word of mouth for conventions that has dramatically boosted the quality and quantity of creators applying to them.

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I Bring Lots of Exclusives

Most of my artwork is not available online. I bring dozens of convention exclusive prints that fans take special attention to chase after. Every convention, I have fans tell me that my booth is the sole reason for their attendance. People regularly bring shopping lists to buy the pieces for friends that can't attend. Inviting me as a guest allows me to communicate these unique offerings better.


My Brand has Real Reach

My work frequently goes viral through places like Reddit, Imgur and 9gag, exposing my work to tens of millions. This has allowed me to grow a following on par with many of the most popular web comics. I have direct reach to tens of thousands of them indrectly through social media and directly through email.


  • Panels - The panels I've host related to careers in art have always filled to capacity. I'd be happy to participate in up to 2 panels throughout the convention.
  • Promotion - My network reaches out to thousands of fans all over the world. I will promote the convention directly to my fan base in advance of the event.
  • Exclusives - I'd be open to negotiating for artwork made exclusively for your event in addition to the large amount of art that is only available at conventions.
  • Advocacy - Through my broadcasting as well as my private network, I have extensive reach within the art community. I will advocate the merits of your convention within my circle of peers to grow interest in your event for creators.

Requirements for Booking

  • Availability - I must have a sufficient opening in my calendar. Unlike many artists doing conventions, I cannot book more than 10 events per year.
  • Travel Paid - I require travel expenses to be paid for myself and one companion.
  • Booth - I require premium space at the convention to be provided by the convention. I prefer 10x20 space with a single corner spot off a main isle of the dealer's area. A double wide Artist Alley space may also be acceptable with considerations for placement.
  • Shipping - A shipping budget must be negotiated for any event more than 6 hours outside the Chicago area.
  • Promotion - I require the convention to promote my appearance through their media channels leading up to the event.

Booking Angelarium - Not as a Guest

I will not personally be appearing at any shows I don't have an ongoing relationship with unless they are inviting me as a guest. However, my convention manager Elaine Ryan will be attending many without me. To pass along information about your event without a guest invite, you will have the opportunity to share information with Elaine. Any events that match her schedule and needs may be considered for 2018.


For questions and booking, contact: